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Who is is the Canadian Distributor of frogmats™. We are located just outside Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. Based in California USA, Frogmats™ is the trademark of which owns, manufactures and distributes frogmats.

Are frogmats easy to clean?

Yes because of their composition they have a slippery texture which helps eliminate food particles sticking between the holes and on the surface?

What size should I order for my smoker?

If you buy to match your grill size they do not slide around as much but purchasing two smaller ones to fit your grill is a nice option if you are smoking different foods at staggered times

Are frogmats safe to use with various foods?

Frogmats are USDA approved for food processing and handling, and are FDA compliant

What is the most popular size?

Chef’s Choice 10×13 are a great all around size letting you cook various meats at the same time that can easily be slid in and out on a cutting board. Second, goes to the 19×15 all around size

My frogmats are not a perfect square pattern?

In the manufacturing process the mesh vary’s throughout the roll. A frogmat may have a grid pattern that varies, curves in the pattern or even hairline edges when cut to size. This does not affect the mats usage, it just gives it a little character.

Can I use these on a open flame barbecue?

NO, they are not recommended for use directly over fire or flames. It is best used with indirect cooking methods

Will they retain odors from previously cooked food like fish?

No, they will not because of their food safe coating

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What Other’s Say…

Our frogmats arrived today, I’ve already got salmon in the brine. Cannot wait to use them! Thanks so much, from beginning to end your service was impeccable!!
Vi-Anne R. - Port Hardy, British Columbia
"Every once and awhile you do find a simple tool that does as it advertises and makes your smoking and BBQ cooking a lot easier... I promise you will be happy you made this investment!"
Bossman BBQ
Thanks!!! I already own 2 of these and they are just amazing!!
Dany D. - Mattice, Ontario
"We rated the Frogmats hands down the better buy... as it is far superior in all categories. They had great color, incredible smoke flavor and by far those wings were the tenderest to the bite."
BBQ Like A Pro
"I highly recommend this product, extremely durable, extremely versatile, diswasher safe, clean up is a breeze and they just make so many aspects of grilling and BBQing so much easier!"
Bentley’s Review -
"Wishing for some magical thing to avoid any sticking of meat and other foods, Frogmats have answered my prayers and more."
Meat and Eat - AussieBBQ Forum

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